Comic Con Portugal 2015

And after three very busy – but fun! – days, we bring you photographs from our visit to Comic Con Portugal 2015. The Court thanks everyone who paid us a visit, whether to talk, to see our little exhibition, or even be a part of nerf gun duels. We hope you had as much fun as we did!

(Those who were not able to go can see some of our products on our new Store!)



This was without a doubt a very active and steamy year for the Northern Court. We’d like to thank everyone and anyone that was with us throughout our journey!

Who knows what surprises wait for us in 2016!

“What’s Your Steampunk Persona?” Quiz



The Northern Court made a quiz where you can discover what would be your steampunk persona! There are several possible results, including archaeologist, scientist, gunslinger, aeronaut, and others. Maybe it will give you ideas for a costume, or even for a story or illustration!

Try to find out all the results, and share yours with us! You can take the quiz here, or by clicking the image above.